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Mood Board Update I just spent the weekend working on nothing but Mood Board. It’s an application that helps you quickly put together [...]
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node-webkit Very interesting: node-webkit – Call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enable a new way of writing applications wi [...]

The Twelve-Factor App

The Twelve-Factor App Worth a read even if you only build for direct deploy (the Desktop/Phone.) [...]

Mood Board Beta 7

I had a really productive work session today despite doing the LD48 this weekend. I was able to carve out around 7 hours straight working on [...]

Working with App Sandboxing

Writing process automation software on the Mac has been something I’ve always been interested in. Basically you set up a working folde [...]

It’s always crazy when key personnel moves on. I’ve been following Fargo since it’s public announcement and it is a very i [...]
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Been busy today working on super-secret feature for Gridus. (Shhh..) [...]
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Understanding App Store Pricing — Part 1

Understanding App Store Pricing — Part 1 At C‡ingleton [sic.] and NSConference this year I spoke at length about App Store pricing and [...]


WebCamMesh nullpandaexception: This is pretty ridiculous. [...]

Just got my acceptance letter from Leap Motion! 100% excitement! @leapmotion [...]
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One Week Game: Basic Game Loop with Block Entity

One Week Game: Basic Game Loop with Block Entity oneweekgame: This is part 2 of my basic canvas/html game tutorial. To see part 1, go to Tin [...]
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