[gallery] Feb. 15 #tinychallenges

[gallery] Day 14. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Unfinished. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Kind of excited for Dark Souls 3 #tinychallenges

[gallery] Starter works!

[gallery] 9 of infinity. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Looks like a little self loathing for lunch today. :)

[gallery] New starter. One week in. Totally healthy and active.

[gallery] Day 8. #tinychallenges

[gallery] “Finally getting my own commission. Shaking off the dust of this backwater outpost for good.” #tinychallenges

[gallery] Day 6. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Number 5. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Tres brujas. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Day 3. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Stretching my legs in procreate for #tinychallenges

[gallery] Here we go again. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Oh happy day!

[gallery] If someone told me that there was an activity that I could do every day that provided some level of insight into my life I would assume that the person was selling something. If someone told me that this activity were entirely free I would be sure of it. I’ve started a #tinychallenges …