[gallery] bobthesquirrel: Prince – RIP Just kinda shocked that Prince is gone. 57 isn’t that old.

[gallery] Dark Souls 3

[gallery] Gratuitous self-promotion.

[gallery] Palek Paneer

[gallery] Bakin

[gallery] Cookin

[gallery] 2nd March #tinychallenges

[gallery] Afterwork

[gallery] Feb 28 #tinychallenges

[gallery] Watched “The Mist” last night so… #tinychallenges

[gallery] Feb 26 #tinychallenges

[gallery] Feb 25 #tinychallenges

[gallery] Feb 24. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Last year a close friend asked me for a favor. Today I get to feel the pride that comes with doing a good job on something important. Go pick up a copy of and support independent musicians like Eric!

[gallery] Feb 23. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Feb 22. #tinychallenges

[gallery] Garbage plate. Homemades.

[gallery] Feb 16. #tinychallenges