[gallery] Beard-tastic.

Let us beware of those that would seek to posses our bodies; and our minds. For the academic world seeks, to dehumanize us.

An Evening with Mantis (Source: https://player.

[gallery] Electra 220

[gallery] Homemade cinnamon raisin sourdough bread.

[gallery] A dutch waitress at a german restaurant in the american south.

Video posting

Just tried to post a video from the phone. Tumblr failed six times. No video for you.

Hacking Layers in …

Hacking Layers in Illustrator using ExtendScriptStealing a bit of code from Hicks to process layers to separate files as PNG; I found that the files that I’m generally doing this with have a gazillion layers. Wouldn’t it be create if instead you…

Today Unity Tech is happy to announce Unite 2010! Registration and a call for speakers are now open! #unity3d #unite2010 higgyb

Thinking that Tumblr should really just go ahead and auto-follow any of your twitter leads. This is going to be time consuming.

I love america.

[gallery] In progress.

It’s what’s for dinner.

[gallery] Cheesy!

Tumblr mobile app

This is why al gore invented the Internet.

Updated my blog. More art to come! #blogrt #illustration Smugbug