Maintaining Integrity in Business

Gruber posted a link to a Medium article by Jon Bell about his time at RealNetworks.

We talk (probably more than we should) about this kind of stuff at the fort and more so in the last couple of weeks as the 2014 plan really starts to unfold into the new year.

Looking at evidence (however anecdotal) like this it becomes to crucially clear that what we’re doing is the right thing that you wonder how folks can honestly permit themselves to deviate from making “Yes” decisions more often.

I’m terrified of the prospect of being presented with choices where I can “stick it” to my customers. Not because I fear that the temptation will be too great, but because I think getting to a place where you have that kind of “opportunity” could be viewed as a sign that you’ve already made too many “No” choices in the past.

Maybe that’s just a story I’m telling myself instead of doing more work though, you never know.

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