As a kind of testament to the amount of code we just wrote; this most recent screenshot demonstrates our editors new ability to modify the tile maps we’re creating. Right now we’re brute forcing the placement of tiles but in the future we plan on having some moderate heuristics in place to speed the process up. The above also demonstrates layer isolation; which is one of those things you don’t really think about unless you do graphics for a living. đŸ™‚

The way tile editing currently works is each “Texture” group contains a stylesheet that defines the available tile sets. The texture is then constructed from “Layers” and each layer can have a single prefix-type (tile set) that can be painted.

When you paint into the surface we place the midpoint tile (solid color.) You can then use the turn tool to swap out the specific tile inside of the prefix set to get things looking the way you want to create a shape.

Probably worth mentioning that the blobs I created to use as sample textures are super crummy; I’ll be making better stuff soon now that the proof of concept for the editing tool is pretty much done.

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