I updated the Bitfune tile generation page slash write-up.

  • You can now hit “Play” to configure the calculator to show you all possible values of tile combinations while you relax in your own home.
  • Clicking on the center (total) display brings up a prompt so you can enter whatever number you want and it will show you how to make that number happen on the grid.

While a lot of the values are totally logical combinations for tiles; most just aren’t. For instance: 16, 32, 64 and combinations that leave islands inside the matrix obviously wouldn’t get converted to tiles.

Does anyone know how to programmatically determine only the most meaningful entries (those that result in contiguous portions only?)

Also of note is that many of the shapes simply rely on existing tiles. I’m wondering if there isn’t a way to narrow the list of total hits so that you don’t have to alias some entries to others (although that’s a totally elegant solution to.)

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