Bedlam Update 2014030902

I’ve reduced the workflow in Enki to taking raw images as input for the various height-maps and other informative structures required for initializing a world build. This made a lot more sense than trying to constantly generate procedural content at the server. Noise support in NodeJS is kind of not great and frankly I didn’t feel like spending the time to get libnoise set up on the server, etc. It just adds a ton of additional pre-requirements to installing the local development build.

This way, we can use whatever tools we’re comfortable with, Processing is my personal favorite for quickly roughing up procedural content and eventually I could see a real need to use photoshop for building the base dataset for the world for Bedlam.

Above are a few samples from the work I did this morning on building a new dataset. The final world dimensions for Bedlam are (quite frankly) astronomically large. So large that I can’t even generate a single world in processing with my current memory setup. Instead I’ll be producing several different land-masses and then stitching them together for the final import set.

Not much of an update I realize, but at least this one includes pictures. 🙂

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