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1. Helen used to be a stand up comedian and has toured with Eddie Izzard.

2. Paul’s great aunt was a country singer in the the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s who went by the name Dixie Dale.

3. Helen’s teenage daughter plays fiddle on one of the EP tracks.

4. Paul taught himself guitar at age 17 by using good ole’ Mel Bay’s Guitar book.

5. At age 12, Paul was hired to breakdance in a commercial.

6. Helen moved to Vancouver island so she could ski as much as possible.

7. Helen and Paul have only met once.

8. Paul and his brother Brian, on the way to an out of town gig, had their SUV break down, made it to a dealership, traded the truck in, bought a new SUV, and made it to the gig only a few minutes late.

9. There is a dude wearing a Paul Otten Band t-shirt in the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s video for “Snow (Hey Oh).” 

10. Helen married her husband on a whim after knowing him for a few weeks so he could stay in the UK. They have been married for over 20 years.

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