Worklog Update 2/1

Latest Republic Sniper #screenshotsaturday

Inspired by my good friend blankslatejoe I’ve decided to start keep-up of a devlog for the stuff I’m doing on a semi-daily, mostly-during the week, at-nighttime when I have the energy.

Today’s worklog:

  • Completely reworked the aim assist for targeting points of interest (and subsequently enemy units.) Instead of trying to do the math for figuring out world positions and translating that into orbital camera offsets; I simply use the screen coordinates of “stuff we can do things with” and pass those values, nearly unmodified, into the player controller. A soft lerp applied to these values ensures smooth camera movement even if we need to snap to something really quickly.
  • Added a segue for movement POI that allows the level designer to add a forwarding position. When the player hits a movement point configured this way the character just keeps on trucking to the next point. This will make navigating stairs a lot simpler, along with some other interesting bits for movement puzzles when we get to it.
  • Updated the “Objective” blueprint to support sequential checkpoints. The objective class lets the designer specify a location (or locations) in a level that the player wants to work toward. This addition allows for those objectives to be disabled and enabled in the compass when the player enters them. Passing through checkpoint 1 can turn on checkpoint 2 (the player isn’t interested in the second one until they hit the first.) Should make for some nice guidance in the training level.
  • “Fixed” ladders. The way I implemented ladders is kind of dumb but I just wanted to make them work again so that levels are fully-traversible. Really need to do a deep dive on this and find the optimum solution.

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