Worklog Update 2/2

A great deal of fighting with the build system over the past two days. I even opened a bug report: UE4 4.6.1 Crash when opening project

  • At the risk of making puns out of it being Groundhog day, I fixed another bug in blueprint construction. Actionable base class items and their derivatives no longer have a static mesh as their object root. This means removing a bunch of nodes that did nothing but hide the static mesh item at startup.
  • Decided it was high time to get rid of these massive Navmesh bounding volumes and go with more compact and precise separate chunks. The hangar bay is nearly finished being caught back up to where it was before; hopefully with a much less processor intensive outcome.
  • Mapped out the next weeks worth of change orders and bug fixes. Around 50 hours of work estimated so far and I’m sure that more will come up before the Twitch stream on Thursday.
  • Cover points only preview their position now when they are in the view of the player. I constrained the FOV a bit for this so you can actually see them deactivate as you pan around.

We had a ton of trouble with stuff today but all in all we made a lot of progress.

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