Mood Board has been selling like crazy lately and I’m nearly at a new milestone for sales that should result in me starting work on version 1.4 which has a vendetta-style list of changes to item selection, position control, scaling and rotation. I’ve also been itching to completely revamp the metapanel UI and convert over to use CoreData with iCloud storage in advance of a mobile version.

This morning I woke up to find my report from (the amazing) appfigures once again posting record figures (for daily sales, which I can totally be modest about.) I checked the ranks to find that she’s posted in the top fifty in the US!

It’s days like this that make it really easy to put down the model kits and video games and hit Xcode extra hard to make awesome stuff for everyone to use.

Pretty amazing when you consider that Mood Board has been out for over a year and it still posts in the top 50 periodically.


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