Got my new “field notes” books today. Ordinarily something like this (a new sketchbook, a new set of pencils) will shake me out of a creativity coma. Figure drawing was good for a while but I’m really feeling my interest level dry up for it in a big way. I find myself continuously running through a huge list of “concepts” in my head that I’ve always wanted to explore.

Tonight listening to some Electric Wizard I felt compelled to start writing in the non-lined field note book; which is so typical of me (to not reach for the lined one.) Anyway, I started thinking about the Solarians and the path that they must have taken to get to such an isolated state and all of that. From there I jumped to remembering the story about the guy that designed his own artificial heart and there was a change in temperature in the room the proverbial “click” in my head.

I only filled a page and a half in the note book, but I think I’ve got half a dozen really strong ideas for narrative pieces now. It’s been so long since I’ve worked that part of my brain, and I think I definitely needed the dry spell to kick things into gear.

This is a sketch for the first concept piece “Sabbathi” – after Saturn and the mythological lord of harvests. I think this is going to be a really good project. If anyone has any images they’d like to contribute to use as alternative color palettes or just creative resources I’d love to see them.

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