ZBrush 4 R2 Issues

I have been looking around for some hint that someone else is having the same issue I am with the newest ZBrush but I’m coming up empty. Basically it looks like the way they calculate the bounding box used for all of the offset and deformation tools has changed significantly.

If you start with a default sphere and convert to polymesh; make a mask and extrude at a value of 1 you get a massive extrusion instead of the appropriately sized shell from v4 R1.

I’ve been digging through all the menus to see if there’s a way to set the bounding box calculation back to a sane default but no luck. Generating really fine (0.02) extractions doesn’t work very well because you get pixel boundaries in your output that show up as holes. This all serves to cause you to have to do a ton of post work on what used to be a really rapid process of mesh layering.

If anyone out there has figured out how to fix this huge extraction in sub tools problem in ZBrush please let me know.

Starting out with a fresh extraction at 0.2 yields the following (notice the pixel jumping holes that I could swear used to be filled in.

extraction 01

Then isolating the edge and applying group loops you get something that looks like this:

extraction 02

Re-meshing sort of works but you can forget about having nice hard edges immediately; re-mesh is just so much cheese in the machine.

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