SOPA, also known as the Protect IP Act, or the Internet Blacklist Legislation is starting to be discussed by the US government today. Basically, what the bill does, is give permission for companies who feel their copyright has somehow been infringed upon to file a complaint against a website and that website will effectively shut down. It’s censorship, is what it is. And it has the potential to affect sites ranging from Amazon and eBay to Tumblr and Twitter.

  • You can read the Act here.
  • You can look at a super informative infographic about how the bill will work here.
  • You can take action through americancensorship.org here. (Where they are currently promoting American Censorship Day, today.)
  • You can take action through the Electronic Frontier Foundation here.
  • You can find and contact your member of Congress here.
  • You can find and contact your Senator here.

Google it to learn more about it. Search “SOPA” on Tumblr. Do some research. I think you’ll find it’s an important issue and you’ll need to take some sort of action.

Spread the word.

Oddly it took a Canadian to get me involved in this. Reblogging for effect.

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