Shut up and consume.

I really enjoyed Avatar when I saw it at IMAX. I went with my dad to what was then the first movie-theater movie he’d seen in 30 years. It was unbelievably cool to watch him get overwhelmed with the big screen and the 3d effect; his girlish nervousness before the movie started waiting in the longest line he’d ever stood in.

James Cameron made a fantastic movie with Avatar and I’ve paid money every time I’ve seen it, happily so.

This morning, on Gizmodo, I saw that he is releasing a special edition on iTunes on December 20th, 2011 for 20 bucks. This is a really good bargain when you consider all of the extra content you’ll get.

Unfortunately I won’t be buying it. I want to buy it; but I cannot. After the bullshit yesterday I just can’t give money to 20th Century Fox; who undoubtedly contributed ( and contributes still ) to the lobbyist effort against consumer’s rights. I read about the UMG actions against Mega Upload and know that all of this is connected, using inside influence to tear down even criticism of a companies content policies; what country is this?

So to all of the people and corporate automatons that continually whisper “Shut up and consume.” I’m replying with a resounding “Fuck you, producer.”

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