My New Application

I’ve written an application. I think it’s pretty cool. It allows me to do something that I was doing periodically during the day that would take around 50 minutes; compressing it to around 10.

This application runs on the Mac, and while it would probably make a nice mobile app, I don’t think I’m going to port it.

I’ve been running it for a little over a week and it feels very stable. Memory consumption is a bit high but that could be totally normal with the newer ARC garbage collection.

Eventually I’m going to release my new App on the Mac App Store so that everyone else can get the potential benefit of it. It’s worth pointing out that I’m very eager to release it into the wild. With applications that I’ve written in the past, it has always felt like a dead-heat race to the App store or whatever distribution channel. This time I’m going to do things differently.

Instead of releasing it in what is obviously a “beta” quality right now, I’m going to run it for a minimum of another week (and probably longer.) During this time I can make small changes in functionality, fix any bugs that pop up and maybe even work out some performance issues related to networking.

This is an application that I wrote specifically for the purpose of saving myself time during the day. I have a feeling it will be useful for a lot of people.

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