Hello followers! It’s time to get out the vote again on “Nott and Dagr” – Mutiny’s entry into the IndieSpeedRun. I’ll be posting a few of these over the next week and a half leading up to the last day of voting but please help spread the word. Not only does our game need your vote, the ISR needs people to play all of the games and vote as well.

Help support us in our bid to win the inaugural Indie Speed Run!

Three weeks ago, a call went out to all design monkeys and code jockeys: Put together a team of four and see if you can build a game using two randomly selected words as your core concepts… in 48 hours. We answered that call and now it is time for the fruits of that labor to be weighed and measured. Indie Speed Run 2012 has begun its voting!

Find out what our solution is to how one seeks forgiveness with a hammer. Play Nott & Dagr now, vote for us, and tell us what you think!


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