Another strong evening of development on the game. We’re getting really close to a 1.0 that I’m proud of. The testers have been amazing, I’ve gotten so much feedback it’s crazy.

This video shows the “Nuke Break” Elyxir (Red) which clears all matching spheres of the same color as your “next match” after crafting the potion.

Remember to shoot me a message if you want to try the beta.

  • I’ve fixed the pause/unpause issue (on the TV, there’s no need to pause on iOS, just send the app to the background.)
  • Whenever an action occurs as the result of filling a beaker we take a break from doing occupancy checks for Orphaned spheres. This prevents that weird “the sky is falling” effect just after doing a Mixup.
  • Fixed the Ring Revolver Elyxir to no longer try to send two spheres to the same socket.
  • Fixed the Rainbow Elyxir to always match spheres in order of Hue (making nice pretty rainbows, try filling up your board before firing this baby off. But make sure you stay clear of the board while it’s running or your game is kaput.)
  • Fixed the Ring Remover to always remove the ring that has the most number of spheres in it (duh.)
  • Shortened the duration of animations during pause.
  • Shortened the duration of camera shake.
  • Removed the z-offset from camera shake, it looked weird to be pushing in toward the board during the event.
  • Removed animations when colliding with the floor; now we just remove the spheres (no more weird points out of nowhere when you’ve got a really full wheel.)
  • Sphere clearing achievements restored; I have fat fingers.

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