Working on an album cover for a friend of mine (more info as he gets closer to actually releasing.) I’m doing the piece in meat-space but I wanted to scan it at various points so that I could have a point to fall back to in the event that something happened to the original. Having kids means adding steps like this to your process and it’s also interesting to see it at snapshots through the length of the project.

What it brings to light however is that I really need to stop putting off doing more drawing. So many issues get worked out in a short drawing session and I’d completely forgotten the kind of calm that you can produce with following a process.

My friend jaimee has this thing called “tinychallenges” which are a nice, simple container, for doing 30/30 self-challenges. She’d been talking about it a lot last week as she finished her NaNoWriMo and I’ve been thinking about doing something since then.

So then.. my plan for a tinychallenge in December is as follows:

  1. Get more regular sleep.
  2. Do at least one sketch per day (medium doesn’t matter.)
  3. Capture sketch and post to tumblr.

That’s it. Get back into a stable sleep rythm (after writing Elyxir my schedule is really screwy.) Do more drawing.

What’s your plan?

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