When I started this challenge, I’m going to level with you, I was really only thinking about myself. I wanted to dust off the muscle memory for drawing in a way that might have a chance at keeping me honest about it. The challenge is nice because I’m making a public declaration that I’m going to do something. This creates an expectation that I’ll keep up with it and actually “do it” rather than letting myself off the hook on a Saturday morning to be able to sleep late and abdicate responsibility. So far it’s working well enough that here I am posting the fifth sketch in the long road to the end of this month.

But speaking to my selfish reasons for doing this something happened that I didn’t expect that I find really interesting. Ordinarily my feeds are full of reblogged/reposted content from the latest “like and share if you agree” type posts. Steadily over the course of this week however I’m noticing people sharing more of their own creative work. This probably has absolutely nothing to do with me or my doing the challenge and posting these sketches but it’s definitely tuned my antenna to notice it. This is creating a separate reason for me to keep up with this that I didn’t expect and it’s fantastic.
Take a minute to look through your own feeds and see if you notice people posting any content (creative photographs, musical recordings, sketches of their own…) Hit like on those posts and maybe skip over the “like a prayer” junk for a day or two. Better yet why not sit down today and make something of your own and post it. I promise there’s at least one person looking forward to it.

I’m doing a #tinychallenges in December. You can too!

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