The first half of the challenge went pretty well. I’ve met my goal every day so far and I’m really optimistic about the remainder. The day before the challenge started I made a quick list of stuff that I thought might be problematic, or get in the way of me being able to complete this thing. For example:

  • No blending sticks. Modeling is kind of a finishing step and it’s incredibly time consuming because you’re always stopping and starting with the pencil. This might cause each sketch to take too long and raise the barrier to completing because the expectation of time would increase.
  • Minimal erasing. This one seems so obvious now and it’s definitely saving my bacon on a daily basis.
  • Commit to the sketch. Once I figure out what I’m drawing I need to force myself to go all-in on it until I feel like it’s run its course.

Picking topics has actually been harder than I thought it would have been and hindsight I’d have set up a list of 50-60 subjects ahead of time and limited myself to working from that list.

One thing that didn’t occur to me before I started was how much skill I’ve lost to time and entropy. Linework is so crucial when you’re dealing with graphite and all of my sketches look like they were drawn by a wookie on a bad day. Todays sketch then is entirely linework.

Look mom, I’m doing it!

I’m doing a #tinychallenges in December. You can too!

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