It’s taken me a really long time but I’m finally getting my shit together and focusing on producing a quality Mac application. The idea is a relatively simple one and the market size for the app is probably small but I think it’s worth it.

The way that I’m producing this application, including professionals and regular users early on, means that the final deliverable should already reflect features that folks are interested in using. This is a big change for me from in the past when I would make an app for myself that adhered strongly to all my quirks and biases.

The application helps users create creative-assemblies of images from all over the place into what are traditionally known as “Mood Boards.” From there I’m implementing a ton of small features that help to better craft the perfect representation of an idea or project that you’re exploring.

If you’re interested in joining the beta team please let me know as I am not putting a cap on the number of users at this time.

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