I’ve successfully completed my LD48 #27 entry. If you’re interested in checking it out (I think it’s pretty cool) you can find it at the Ludum Dare Site

I need to remember next time I do a compo like this that you really can’t take time to work on subtle stuff. You have to stay focused on the gross features of the game and get your story done earlier if that’s what you’re going for. I had this whole backstory planned out and ambient events but I completely ran out of time.

On the up-side, I took this LD48 a lot easier that I did the previous one. Instead of trying to power through 48 hours of straight coding; I worked a few hours friday, got a full nights rest and then took a break yesterday. I probably could have gotten another couple of hours in, but I am not at all as wiped out as I was the first time around.

Really looking forward to the ISR in September with the rest of the Mutiny crew.

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