Dust McAlan and the Empire of the Serpent.

This is the title and cover of my next endeavor, and I’m aiming for May 2014 to bring it to publication. The cover is something that’s been sitting on my hard drive for nearly a year and a half (and was artful crafted by Casey Burch, who also did artwork for Equinox I: Between Gods and Monsters), and the story is something I’ve been trying to accomplish for nearly a decade. But don’t tell my son about this, because the book is kind of a birthday present for him. Ssshh.

Meanwhile, I would like to remind everyone that I’m going to be donating all of my book sales this month to the American Cancer Society (I’ve mentioned this previously). You can find my books here on Amazon, or if you’re feeling charitable without needing something to read, you can simply donate to cancer research here. This is my own little personal memorial to my mom, who passed away last month, so any contributions would be thankfully welcomed and appreciated.


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