During the month of December I engaged in a #tinychallenge where every day I would create a new drawing. Before I started I made a statement that I’d be doing so and I called them “Sketches.” If you followed along I think you’d agree that most of the drawings I produced were a little bit more than a sketch and from a time-consumed standpoint they were certainly not “tiny.”

In consideration to keep with the concept of what #tinychallenges are supposed to be for this next month I needed to come up with something that would serve the following principles:
1. The thing needs to be very simple and require no more than 5 minutes per day to get done.
2. The thing should contribute in a direct-way toward improving the quality of life for everyone in my house.

Doing a daily sketch was a fantastic exercise and something I plan to continue to do for the foreseeable future at least in some capacity; but it is an incredibly selfish exercise. I work a lot and when you have an activity that takes upwards of an hour a day to get done that means stealing time from elsewhere. You can imagine how this trended over the month I was doing it and that has unexpected costs.

For my next #tinychallenge I will be doing what I’m calling: “Stash-it, Trash-it, Give-it-away.” Every day I will make an evaluation of the objects in my house, office space or yard and determine whether or not it’s something I really need to keep. Regular posting of my progress doesn’t seem as important but I imagine you’ll still be hearing from me.

Once I’ve selected an item, I will make a 7-breaths-style decision about whether to: put it in a box scheduled to go to the storage unit at the end of the week, deposit it in the garbage can or alternatively seek to give it to someone who might need it. For the last bit I plan to take advantage of Goodwill which is very close to my house and I’ll make trips depending on need. My sincerest hope is that I can reduce the number of “things” I have to keep track of by a significant margin; we’ll see where that gets me.

I’m doing a #tinychallenge in the month of January and so can you!

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