Synergize your Timeboxing to Elicit Engagement Response

It’s important that when you finally commit to doing the thing that you’ve been dreaming of for your whole life that you do it from a center of positivity.

Lately I’ve been having conversations with more and more people that have had it rough. They’ve gotten involved in situations that don’t benefit them equally to others; they’ve overcommitted themselves and exposed themselves to too much risk.

This kind of thinking puts you in a state where you can’t possibly bring your best (anything) to the table. I’m not a subscriber to us owing our future customers anything specific but they do indeed deserve our best. If they don’t we’ve got no business doing this stuff.

Telling stories is a sacred thing and has been since the beginning of human history. The reasons for this are numerous but essentially it boils down to the fact that you have to be true to yourself. If you’re thinking about trying to “get back” at someone, or “really show them up” when you engage in any creative enterprise you’re going to lose. It’s a distraction in exactly the same space in your brain that the best, most important and valuable stories come from.

You have to accept all of these inputs and instead turn them into biofuel in your gut.

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