If someone told me that there was an activity that I could do every day that provided some level of insight into my life I would assume that the person was selling something.

If someone told me that this activity were entirely free I would be sure of it.

I’ve started a #tinychallenges again this month to help get the clutter in the house figured out. Because I’ve only recently started I am sure that there will be all sorts of revelatory moments but I did want to point out one really interesting thing that’s happening. Perhaps due to the scale at which my December challenge ended up being I’m left with a weird sense that I need to “do more” every day than only the five minute selection of items.

Instead, what I’ve been experiencing, is that I end up sorting and cleaning and delegating items into boxes for much, much longer than the time I’ve allotted.

This month the majority of my energy is spent not in doing “the thing” but in convincing myself that it’s okay to stop doing “the thing.”


I’m doing a #tinychallenge in the month of January and so can you!

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