Everything Indie Is About To Burst: Indie Bubbles, Cliques, And The Future

First it would be awesome if when they make a post to the Tumblr that links back to the main site; they chose the leader image from the article instead of the whole run of media attached to it. This article will take up a chunk of space on my own blog instead of a nice tidy little blob of juicy content. It’s cool, we’re all still figuring it out.

Second, wow! What an article. It is all highly opinion-based but the people gathered together in it to drop their two cents is perfect. Seriously, wow. Read the reference posts as well.

Thirdly my own experience thus far. I believe that in the far majority and particularly on Twitter you have to approach it from the perspective of wanting to be a part of the dialog. If you have this grand strategy to infuse yourself into the games culture you’re going to fail. Nobody wants to dance with you just because you showed up in a tux. The odd thing is I think that we all knew this already.

When I get all expository on twitter or Facebook (or even here) I lose followers. Nobody wants to see the flagellation happen real-time. The minute you start actually talking to people about things that they care about (whether or not you care is usurped by participation) it’s like some cosmic motor starts up and shit gets incredibly fun.

The bubble that’s going to burst (in my opinion) is entirely the one where “marketing professionals” are giving people advice about how to “use social media” to “promote your business.” That’s going to affect games, software, plumbing, legal services and everything else. The trajectory for using Twitter et. al. as a megaphone is a downward curve in all cases.

Talking to people as if they were actually people on the other hand; that’s worked for the entirety of human history. So there’s that.

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