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    This is unbelievable.


    One Week Game: Basic Game Loop with Block Entity f


    This is part 2 of my basic canvas/html game tutorial. To see part 1, go to Tiny Game Loop

    The game loop from my last post, Tiny Game Loop, is great and all, but if you’re a beginner, you probably want to know how to put that into practice.

    1. Base HTML

    First we start off with some basic…

    This is such a great post.

    Source: oneweekgame

    6javascript, development,

    I’ve posted a new version of my @fogbugz PlayPause control on Github. Check it out!

    Source: github.com

    6development, javascript, fogbugz,

    Generating Projects with Sencha Cmd

    There’s a bit of a mix-up at Sencha lately with regards to their platform tools. I had to do some digging this morning to figure out that if you’re building a SenchaTouch 2.x application; you’ll need

    This Package instead of Sencha SDK Tools

    After downloading the sencha cmd stuff (which by default installs to your user folder) you’ll be able to run:

    sencha generate app MyApp ./MyApp

    Just like the shiny new guide says. The link on the guide page goes to the wrong place.

    6javascript, sencha, extjs, senchatouch,

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