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  • Submerged | Uppercut Games f

    Wow! @uppercutdevblog

    6indie games,

    Just saw a really cool video on a game news site that I read daily but I can’t embed the video so screw it.

    Paying 38 Studios debt took RI off S&P CreditWatch list, House speaker says f

    Mostly this is the story that won’t die but… I picked up Kingdoms of Amalur on the S3 for next to nothing and I’ve been playing it for a few hours with a gamepad. So far it is the closest I’ve seen a game come to being Legend of Zelda in 3d aside from Zelda itself.

    The game is fun, exciting, the musical score is absolutely perfect and there is voice acting for every single character you talk to in the game. I cannot believe that 38 didn’t finish their MMO or at the very least get to continue making great games like Reckoning.

    If you haven’t played it definitely pick it up, it’s like $5 on Steam.


    Oculus VR acquires design team that helped make the Xbox 360 controller and Kinect f

    This is great and all @oculus but where’s my DK2?


    I released Polyfy 1.0.1 the other day; it includes the new caption feature and bugfixes for iPhone 4/4S. Please check it out!

    Source: robuuuu

    Sometimes you just gotta wait.

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    Beyond the Comfort Zone f

    I have done nothing but teleport bread for three days.

    TouchPad Updated for iOS 7 f

    Oculus VR heads discuss the problem with PC-driven VR, and standalone hardware f

    inessential: Vesper Testing f

    If I’m not willing to buy quality with boredom, then I’m in the wrong business.
    • Brent Simmons (folks)

    The Universal Typeface Experiment f

    Because Bombers.
    Because Bombers.
    Because Bombers.
    Professionalism. The professionalist.
    Professionalism. The professionalist.

    Professionalism. The professionalist.


    The camp @ Jordan lake.


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