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  • Get Help with Creating Great Mood Boards - URBANFORT Corp. Independent Software Development f

    I added a new thing to the UF website this morning for Mood Board. Go Check it out!

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    Outcast Reboot HD headed to Kickstarter this week f

    Will be backing.

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    A Failure to Communicate with SceneKit - URBANFORT Corp. Independent Software Development f

    I’m kind of bummed that so much research time went into invalidating SceneKit as a viable option for a desktop application but there you have it. TLDR; if you’re thinking of using SceneKit for anything robust or “serious” you might want to look at other available platforms in the short term.

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    More fun with SceneKit!



    Indie or hobbyist, if you’re a game developer with a Tumblr blog dedicated to your process and progress, reblog this!

    You will be added to The Game Developer Network.

    You can read about the network here.

    If you have a Twitter you’d like linked, please include that in your reblog!

    You can also be added to the directory by messaging me.

    ** Remember: This is only for game developers.

    Basically, my reason for creating this is so that gamedevs on Tumblr can find fellow gamedevs. It’s kind of like an easy to navigate directory to find and connect with people who are also working on games.

    Don’t be scared to ask or reblog! This is for all game developers on Tumblr! Really. Don’t feel lame. Help me help you~

    Make sure you’re following members of the reblog set so we can all stay in touch and bounce ideas off of each other.

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    Announcing The Wil Wheaton Project


    Announcing The Wil Wheaton Project

    About a year ago, I had a meeting with a production company, who wanted me to host a show for them. The concept was simple, I thought it had the potential to be incredibly funny, and I really liked the people I met with.

    “I can’t just be a host, though,” I explained. “I’ve been producing Tabletop for two seasons, and if I’m going to be the public face of a show, I need to have a hand in its…

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    lol @tumblrpro

    And Badoosh! Mood Board 1.2 goes to the App Store for Approval!

    Here’s a link to the product page official

    And here’s a hit-list of the awesome stuff I just built for you that’s coming later this week:

    • (Fixed) There was a layer sorting issue that I wasn’t aware of until the most recent update. When you sorted layers using Send to Back / Bring to Front Mood Board was erroneously mixing up the layer order when exporting images.
    • (Improvement) Fixing layer sorting on export also exposed a few data model issues that makes sorting layers more consistent and faster overall now.
    • (Feature) Added the ability to pan over an infinite canvas. Mood Board doesn’t require that you set artificial document bounds and will allow you to place assets wherever you want at whatever size you want.
    • (Feature) After implementing the ability to pan the document it became immediately obvious that we needed to be able to Zoom as well. Mood Board now has full, animated zooming and panning!
    • (Feature) Several options have been added to make zooming fast and simple. Select an item and use Command+Option+Zero to focus the zoom on just that item (great for illustrators using source references.) Command+Zero to view at 100%.
    • (Feature) You can now group assets together into a selection set. This is really simple but very helpful in organizing boards with larger numbers of assets on them. Simply select a few assets and hit Command+G (Command+Shift+U to ungroup.)
    • (Feature) We use the default selection color specified in your system settings for Mood Board (I like Orange.) When you make a group, we use an inverse color to indicate that the item you have selected is a little different from normal. When you select a mixture of grouped and non-grouped items, we use the median color between the default selection color of your system and the inverse hue of that same specification.
    • (Feature) Implemented Masking! This is a huge feature to add this early in the application development cycle but now that I have added it I totally know it’s the right thing to do. Simply select an asset on your board and hit Edit (Command+E) to open the metadata panel. Masking options are currently limited to basic shapes but we’ll be adding arbitrary paths very soon. Current Mask types are:
      • Oval - A circular mask based on the aspect ratio of the image.
      • Square - An inset rectangular mask that can optionally have rounded corners.
      • Diamond - A parallelogram based on the aspect ratio of the asset.
    • (Feature) Flip Assets! You can now flip assets quickly on your board using the metadata editor for an individual node.
    • (Improvement) When selecting assets in the past it wasn’t always clear which items were included in the selection set. This is due to the fact that selection was indicated as a border around all selected assets. Now through the magic of CoreImage we apply some simple image kernels to any selected assets that make it absolutely clear what’s selected.

    Check it out, tell your friends and buy a copy.

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    a bird



    We have a decent amount of space-horror but we need more sea-horror.

    I think that’s one of the reasons I liked Bioshock so much, it’s almost kind of sea-horror.

    Jungle-Horror would also be most excellent.

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    New Blog Post: locations and updates f


    Just a quite update to note that I’ve been writing more in my email newsletter than on this blog recently, and enjoying it quite bit even though it’s gotten me in some trouble from time to time. If you want to get those emails you can sign up here. It’s rarely daily, but often 2 or 3 times a…

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    I don’t even want to life in this world anymore time.



    at least my dashboard is glitching

    I haven’t gotten this upgrade yet. shit.

    My god it’s full of stars!

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    Mood Board Gets Clippy - URBANFORT Corp. Independent Software Development f

    I’ve posted an update with a sneaky peek of a new feature brewing at the fort for Mood Board. Check it out at the link above!

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    Adding syntax highlighting into Tumblr f


    After much googling around, I found two popular ways to add syntax highlighting into Tumblr:

    1. Alex Gorbachev’s Syntax Highlighter
    2. Google’s Prettify

    I tried the Syntax Highlighter at first and spent a really long time trying to get it to work. When it finally did, it slowed the loading…

    Rejoice! The Prettifier still works as you can now see on all of my code samples.

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